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Technology & Innovation

Lamination sintered wire mesh back plate

ENDLESS is always working on research and development aiming to improve performance, and this includes "lamination sintered wire mesh back plates".
Aceving 40% more lightness compared to iron back plates, and the effect increases the larger the large pads are. We also increase the efficiency of heat released from brake pads generated from braking at high speeds to realize stable brake performance.
We drilled holes in the back plates to make them lighter, but a strength analysis showed that there is a limit. Drilling holes also doesn't result in much lightening.
We also created ceramic back plates, which enabled lightening but were too costly.
We succeeded in developing a wire mesh back plate material through trial and error.
Currently top teams in each category are conducting tests and we are still making improvements.

A gift of ENDLESS's technical power, ceramic carbon rotors

In 2014 ENDLESS started on the design of ceramic carbon rotors in order to realize increased unsprung weight reduction and high-speed brake performance.
In order to realize 2/1000mm surface accuracy even in ceramic carbon rotors we adopted diamond polishing.
Also, because the surface temperature of ceramic carbon rotors exceeds 1000 degrees, we used stainless steel, with its strength retention, rather than aluminum for the brake bell housing. For the brake bell housing we strive for surface accuracy of 1/1000mm and cut it with no bends.
Even hard stainless steel normal bends a little when cut, but the ability to process it without bending is another technological power cultivated by ENDLESS.
Brake bell housings made from stainless steel increase weight, and making them lighter without decreasing the strength and realizing conflicting performance goals can be called another of ENDLESS products' merits.

Sintered Compound

Sintered compound brake pads using only metal for the pad material are high performance and high durability brake pads even used by the Shinkansen. In overseas endurance races such as WEC, the majority of teams use ENDLESS's sintered compound brake pads.
In order to manufacture sintered compound brake pads, a unique and specialized autoclave is required. In ENDLESS's research and development labs we have installed several specialized autoclaves. In addition to these facilities we also use the unique know-how we have cultivated from past experience to manufacture sintered compound brake pads with high braking performance.

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