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Gear to Win

Many Winning Teams Choose ENDLESS

ENDLESS products such as our sintered compound brake pads and lamination sintered wire mesh back plates demonstrate stable performance even rigorous motor sports, so they have been adopted by many teams.
*List the latest motor sports results.

The stable break performance and superior wear performance which have been recognized in recent years at the Nürburgring 24 hour race, Spa 24 hour race, WEC, and other endurance races, have led to adoption around the world, but ENDLESS’s pads compete not only in endurance races but in all categories.

The reason most European teams choose ENDLESS

Expansion into Europe was from BTCC in the UK.
Our first foray into providing to Europe was for the BTCC VOLVO factory-backed team, which competes in Super Touring. In the aggressive races where contact is normal, stability of brakes and control are demanded, so they adopted ENDLESS's brake pads. These pads having characteristics which are different from the pads previously circulating in Europe gave them an advantage, helping said team win the title.
With VOLVO dropping out, we joined a partnership with FORD along with the drivers. They won the title again and also laid a cornerstone in touring car race achievements.

At the same time, we started conducting tests in Sweden and providing for Gr.N rally cars. Based on these results we were able to conduct a test with Mitsubishi's factory-backed team and supply to WRC legend Tommi Makinen.
Since then we have tested and supplied to JWRC(Super 1600) and other WRC teams, and in recent years we have been supplying large volumes for S2000 regulation cars and other new regulation cars such as R2 and R5.

One of the major factors for this is the fact that we develop and supply materials which fit the characteristics of the cars in question.
Race cars developed under different policies will obviously have different chassis balances, so the brake performance required will also differ.
ENDLESS's way is not to only use materials that already exist, but to make improvements and if necessary develop new materials to meet needs, and this is why we are so highly evaluated.

The significance of ENDLESS participating in motor sports with its own company's team.

The Super Taikyu Race which ENDLESS's own team participates in is the same GT cars as SuperGT, but because the tires are hard compound, they do not grip. To produce brake performance that works under such rigorous conditions, it is important to have a great deal of feedback from races.
The front/rear balance of ABS cannot be easily changed, so pads with a friction coefficient to achieve a front/rear balance which is suitable for ABS are required. If we successfully develop brake pads which work well in Super Taikyu cars which do not grip, it will be easy to apply to GT3 cars including SuperGT cars.
Because there are a limited number of test days to drive in SuperGT, sufficient testing is not possible. It is also advantageous for our development speed to be able to obtain large amounts of feedback by participating in Super Taikyu.
Experience racing in Super Taikyu, with its poor conditions and tough requirements, is helpful in all of ENDLESS's product development.