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Brake Pad/Shoe for ROAD CAR

A true hands-on brake pad which demonstrates high braking performance under low temperatures, high temperatures, and any conditions


"CC-Rg", forged under ultra-high speed and ultra-high temperature conditions with slick tires installed, generates high deceleration G even with a heavyweight class tuning car. It also ensures sufficient braking force at low temperatures via technology cultivated through WRC and the adoption of mild ceramic materials, which requires consideration for braking force at low temperatures and in travel paths.

Recommended for the following people
●Those who want a race brake pad which can also be used at low temperatures
●Those with S tires or slick tires installed

●Proper rotor temperature/50~800℃ ・Average friction coefficient/0.40~0.45
●Material/Ceramic carbon metal ・Driving fields/Winding~Circuit